Tuesday, April 03, 2007

cruise we have chartered in October with Bob Proctor and THE SECRET

I have some exciting updates for you in regards to the cruise we have chartered in October.

If you are already booked, I look forward to meeting you there. This is going to be one incredible week! However, if you have not yet reserved a spot, let me tell you about some of the great speakers and programs we have lined up for this one-of-a-kind event.

I think one of the greatest parts to this trip will be the power of choice that we give you. During the 7 days we are on board there will be 3 ports-of-call. You will be able to get off the ship and explore some of Mexico's beauty along with taking part in some exciting shore excursions. We will be at sea for 4 days for the week. During that time we will be holding seminars and panel discussions on a variety of topics from "The Law of Attraction" to business building, publishing your own book and public speaking. There will also be mastermind meetings taking place, all designed to help take your business to another level.

I have been asked several times if there is anything happening on the ship for children. Well, we are designing a program for children and teens to introduce them to some of the great material that Bob Proctor has been teaching for years. What a great opportunity to expose them to some wonderful lessons in an environment of positive people!

We have two great speakers from The Secret - Bob Proctor and Michael Beckwith. They will be on board teaching us how to use "The Law of Attraction" to create a better life. Mary Morrissey will be on board to do a program with Bob Proctor that will be introduced for the first time on the ship.

We have also confirmed Doug Wead. He was a senior advisor for a past president of the United States. This man talks about the power of working together in a presentation unlike anything I have seen before.

Steve Siebold has also agreed to take part in the cruise. He is probably the greatest teacher alive on mastering public speaking.

I had the privilege of seeing Paul Martinelli for the first time last month. He is a business partner of my fathers and well worth taking the time to see. He will be hosting several sessions on building your own business, along with some panels of experts that will bring a whole new twist to learning.

There will be a schedule of all the programs taking place so you can pick and choose which sessions to attend. Each program will be held at a few different times. If you are involved with one meeting at the same time that another of your choices is taking place, you will be able to see the second event at another scheduled time.

As Bob Proctor's son, I am fortunate to have been surrounded by this kind of great knowledge all my life. I have seen week-long events that don't even come close to what we are offering here for many thousands of dollars. You will be able to take a wonderful all-inclusive 7-day cruise and take part in any and/or all of the spectacular events for less than any other program of its kind. Simply go to the site and book your spot with the delegate package. You will not see this anywhere else! Because we have chartered the whole ship, everyone on board are positive like-minded individuals, just like you! Imagine all the new friends and connections that are to be made in this relaxed and exciting atmosphere.

We have partnered with a wonderful company called Cantrav Travel. You can book online by going to: www.bobproctorcruise.com or call toll free at 1-877-708-2546. You may need to leave a message but, let me assure you, one of their agents will call you back in a timely manner and answer any questions that you may have.

If you would like to take part in this great adventure, please book right away. This once in a lifetime chance is selling out quickly!! I look forward to seeing you there.


Brian Proctor
Director of Insight of the Day

Thursday, February 08, 2007

To Our Carnival Friends, A Present From Robert Paisola

Hello! Hope you are having a great day!

I just want to first say - WOW! I want to share with you a movie that is SO deep and so real, it will explain why things happen in your life - good and bad.

I know the content of this movie is real because certain things have happened to me in my life. I can't even count them! This movie explains how I have been able to do the things I have done in life. Why certain things have happened and other have not happen. I know once you watch this, it will have the same affect on you.

I encourage you to watch this movie and pass this email to everyone you know to see it.

The movie is called "The Secret" and boy does it explain a LOT! Please take time out of your life, TODAY, and watch this. It should change it forever!

By the way I have a co-signer - Oprah Winfrey! I ask you to watch the movie today because I want you to tune in tomorrow, Thursday, February 8, 2007 (check your TV Guide for time). She will have the cast on her show and talk about this INCREDIBLE, life-changing movie! It will show you how to make more money, lose weight, fall in love, ANYTHING YOU WANT IN LIFE!! Everyone will be talking about this movie Friday morning you are getting a head start!!

I am sharing with you something that I believe in whole-heartily. I am very blessed it was sent to me earlier this week.

Thanks for reading this.

Best Regards,

Robert Paisola
CEO and President

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Photo and Video Archive Links Live!

If you are looking for the Photo and Video Links for the 2007 LDS Singles Carnival Cruise, Look no further!


Have a Great Time!

Robert Paisola

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How Many times have you been to a fine Restaurant EVERY NIGHT and knew everyone so well that the staff knew what you wanted BEFORE you even ordered!

Hello to all of our readers and listeners around the world.

The first thing that we want to say is that as a result of the live Satellite Broadcast from the deck of the Carnival Triumph, we have received over 700 emails. We want you to know that each of the emails will be personally answered by our staff in Beverly Hills, California, just be patient.

It is essential that we clarify that we are bring this event to you LIVE as a result of the relationships that we have created with the Conde Nast Organization and the various media outlets that we work with. It is truly amazing how a transmitter 5 inches square can connect you to satellites around the world.

Special thanks to Doug Mossell at Google.Com and Skype.com in Palo Alto and Larry Skinner at CNN in Atlanta and Bruce Reinheart at Apple.com for their assistance in making the broadcast possible!

We want to express our sincere gratitude to four members of the Carnival Triumph Based team who are taking such great care of us.

On a cruise ship as large as this, there are over 1,000 staff to serve the guests, however we want to make a special public thank you to our Maitre’d Riccardo Germinario, Our Incredible Waiter Savio Andrade and his associate Joel Madeira. We are also grateful for the service that we receive on a daily basis from Petrovska Stevanija.

Today the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Grand Cayman, a Division of the Marriott Corporation, hosted 6 of the members of our team for lunch and provided us with a comprehensive tour of the Famed Property in Grand Cayman. Special thanks to Nicole La Valette and her wonderful staff for providing us with this special event. As a Senior member of MPI (Meeting Planners International ) we highly recommend the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman as the place to book your next venue. You can visit www.GoTrumpDirect.com for more information or simply email us at events@gotrumpdirect.com

Again, thank you Carnival Cruise Lines for taking the time to simply LISTEN to your guests. We watch the logs closely and we see that there are now over 250,000 people worldwide that have been monitoring this site. We see over 200 logins per day from the various ships in your fleet, courtesy of www.digitalseas.com And we are proud to say that we are guests of the NEW Carnival Triumph.

We will be delivering another update soon, so stay tuned!

With True Regards,

Robert Paisola




Good Evening from the Caribbean

Good Evening from the Caribbean Sea. Today was another day of fun and relaxation. Carnival calls this the “Day at Sea”. We experienced calm waters, 80 degree temperatures and a wide variety of activities for all ages.

At 1:00 PM this afternoon we began our live broadcast on the Skype.com Network. We had over 1,000 listeners log into the broadcast and during the broadcast we featured the onboard Calypso Band, “Carib’n X-tacy”

The members of the band are Ronnie from St. Thomas, Johnny from The Dominican Republic, Remie, also from The Dominican Republic and Sawanza, from the island of St. Vincent.

Ater the Live Broadcast we interviewed Ronnie, who told us that they are having a great time and that they are on Contract with Carnival just like the all of the staff. This world renowned band surely is top notch and Carnival Is Really Lucky to have this band on ship.

Our SkypeCast located at www.Skype.com was attended by over 1,000 people and since we were connected via a live satellite linkup with our offices in Los Angeles, the 1 hour feed was perfect!

The Dinner was a sit down affair for our group and being able to order 3 plates of ribs WITH NO BONES is an experience that everyone deserves to have.

We are being told that the links to watch the live video are coming along and we will keep you informed!

Can 400 Mormon Singles REALLY make the alcohol revenue decrease by over 40% ?

This is a serious question that we have had since we boarded the Carnival Triumph. Because when we brought 400 of our great friends on board from Utah, we never thought of the financial consequences that would have on the overall voyage revenue.

We will attempt to interview the Food and Beverage Director for the actual confirmation, but during interviews with staff at the clubs and bars, the overwhelming feeling was that orders were down. Some stated that they were less that 50% of one week ago.

We ran the numbers and figured that our group represents only 12percent of the actual passengers on the ship, How is it possible for only 12 percent of the guests to effect the other 88 percent in such a serious way!

Well, the answer is simple, The Mormon Culture is one the really brings out the kid in each of its members. And how I learned about my own distinct personal power was from www.ImpactTrainings.com . You see, we all have the power within each of us to make a difference in the world. This is what I teach in my seminars at www.RobertPaisola.com and that is one of the reasons why we will be releasing my newest book that was co-authored with Dr. John Gray and Mr. Tom Hopkins, two of the worlds greatest motivational speakers. You can visit www.MyCollector.com to see the cover. It is AMAZING!

So, from the middle of the ocean, we say goodnight and to Carnival Central in Hollywood, Florida…. keep doing what you are doing!

Again, Great Job Carnival, and to our 100,000 readers a day from my Corporate Site www.CollectionIndustryLive.com and www.MyCollector.com we welcome you to www.CarnivalCares.com !

Until Later,

Robert Paisola, Cabin 7276



Aboard the Carnival Triumph

Monday, January 22, 2007

Another Wonderful Day in Paradise!

Welcome Again from The Carnival Corporations "Carnival Triumph" Live From CarnivalCares.Com and RobertPaisola.com

Hello Again to all of our friends, listeners, students and associates around the World!

We want to let you know that this site has received over 100,000 Hits since we began our LIVE Broadcast from the Carnival Triumph.

As many of you know, this site was the result of some experiences that a large group of us had with Carnival while in Alaska, but now it appears that Mickey has turned the ship around and has made the decision to give, you, our readers, what they deserve! Good old fashioned Customer Service!

When we first arrived on the ship, we noticed that there were many upgrades to the ship since we last sailed on her during the first public season. The ship looks just as she was the day that she was last seen by our group!

One thing that we did not want to do was to inform Carnival that we would be on the ship, as we are doing a formal review for The Conde Nast Group; The Publisher of the Conde Nast Traveler and in association with Google.com and Apple.com in Palo Alto, California, we are Podcasting Live Feeds from the ship.

Google has captured our live feed and is now preparing some of the tapes to go live.

One of the biggest things that we see, is that the Employees of the Ship are HAPPY! They are showing the best of the best in their hiring and we send our thanks to the Crew at Carnival Central for understanding that Passenger Communication is all that it takes to change a right to a wrong.

Today We spent the entire day in Cozumel Mexico and We were able to see the city in all of its glory.

We are grateful to the manager of the Internet Cafe, Mr. Lloyd Mason, for his support in ironing out some of the details that we needed assistance with. He is a great guy and Carnival and The Digital Seas Companies should be glad that he is on board!

So, from Cozumel, we say goodnight, and stay tuned for our SKYPE BROADCAST that will give YOU the ability to call in from around the world and ask any questions that you have regarding Carnival and the Carnival Triumph.

Again, Great Job Carnival, your change is now being noticed on a WORLDWIDE BASIS!

Until Tomorrow,

Robert Paisola

for CNNLegal.com

Incredible... Just Incredible!

Welcome to The Carnival Cares Live Broadcast from the
Carnival Triumph 2007 by Robert Paisola and 400 members of LDSSingles.com

Hello to all of our Readers and Listeners around the world. It is now almost 3:00 AM local time and we wanted to give you an idea of how tonight went!

We had hoped to have the Producer and Directors names to thank, but the information was not available by our deadline.

The Ship is in absolutely Amazing Condition and we could not be happier. We are almost ready to post the link to our videos, so stay tuned!

By the way, We will be podcasting live tomorrow from the Carnival Triumph in association with Google.com and the Skype Network.

We will also be connected via satellite supporting .MP4 Direct Downloads.

So... Stay tuned, and keep watching, because we are bringing you the Live Play by Play along with 400 LDS *Mormon Singles from www.LDSSingles.com


Robert Paisola

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Has The Carnival Corporation made a TRIUMPHANT Comeback?

Day two on the Carnival Triumph has been an incredible experience. The Staff, lead by Cruise Director, Paul Stanley, has been completely attentive and efficient. The Ship, lead by the outdoor cafĂ©’s is clean and without the clutter and despair that we have seen in the past.

The deck of the pool is clean, and was completely full of Passengers who were really having a great time. That is a severe contrast to the Carnival Spirit that we last visited that had glass on the deck and gray boxes of empty dishes all over the place.

Our biggest surprise was that we decided to sleep in today until Noon. We notified our cabin steward, Juan Santos from the Dominican Republic (He is absolutely amazing, and you will be reading more about him later!), that we would not be needing the morning service, and we were glad to hear that all that it took was a simple call to Eva in housekeeping to literally instantly have three people servicing our room.

Now, remember, The Carnival Corporation has no idea who we are! Great job Mickey!

We want to also be sure to let our readers and listeners know that we brought along 400 of our closest friends on this cruise from the top Mormon Singles Website, www.LDSSingles.com . It is so obvious that we are all here, because the “clean cut” Utah look is everywhere!

For some reason, we have begun to really LOVE the calypso band called “Caribbean Ecstasy” that plays on the ninth deck of the ship. Watch for the Live Video Links!

The food and beverage director will definitely notice that the sales of alcohol on this voyage are way down because of the LDS policy of No Drinking. Hey, did I tell you how great the Strawberry Daiquiris are? LOL

Tonight is the first of the two major shows that we will see. It is a formal night, so there will be plenty of photos to post tomorrow.

Today was a day of relaxation and the videos are being posted, but here are some of the photos!

Again, Great Job Carnival, and to our 100,000 readers a day from my Corporate Site www.CollectionIndustryLive.com and www.MyCollector.com we welcome you to www.CarnivalCares.com !

Until Later,

Robert Paisola, Cabin 7276





Reporting Live Aboard the Carnival Triumph, January 21, 2007

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Carnival Triumph- An Oldie But A Goodie!


To our Friends and Readers across the world,

We are just in the middle of Day One of our Carnival Experience aboard the Carnival Triumph. We just left the Port of Miami an hour ago.

So far we have been very happy with the service that we have received.

It seems that Carnival is getting the hint that the American and European Public needed something more, which was the basis of the formation of this site, www.carnivalcares.com and www.carnivalfeedback.com.

So far we have been very happy even though there was a mix up with our room, but that is ok. The staff is polite and it is great, because they have no idea who we are!

So, to the 2007 Carnival Cruiselines Employees, we thank you.

To the Cruise Director, Paul, we salute you and your team for making a real change at Carnival.

Much Much more to come...

Robert Paisola
Passenger 0050396696 , The Carnival Triumph January 20, 2007
Chief Executive Officer

Friday, January 19, 2007

Giving Carnival Another Chance

To All of Our Readers and Listeners around the World:

Today is 19 January, 2007 and your author is going to try and give The Carnival Corporation one more chance to correct the wrongs of the experiences that we had a few months ago, as we traveled to Alaska.

Tomorrow morning we will be setting sail on the Carnival Triumph and as REGULAR passengers, we will simply report to you LIVE from sea.

Because of our relationship with CNN and other networks, we will be doing interviews that will be broadcast on our International Sites at cnnlegal.com , skypecast.com and apple.com in MP4 Content.

We hope that Carnival is ready, and the reason that we choose the Carnival Triumph is because we have been on the ship before and have detailed benchmarks that we can measure against.

Again, this cruise on the Carnival Triumph departs Miami on January 20, 2007 at 4:00 and we will be broadcasting live from the ship.

We are also broadcasting The Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah and the Miss America Pageant in Las Vegas!

We hope that Carnival is able to impress our hundreds of thousands of readers.

We will See....


Robert Paisola
The Western Capital Group Of Companies

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Waiting to inhale

Waiting to inhale
Travel becomes a drag for smokers as airports, hotels and restaurants ban cigarettes.

“Having a nonsmoking section in a restaurant is like having a non-peeing section in a swimming pool. The smoke and carcinogens do not stay with the smoker.”

Donald Potts, with the Metropolitan Healthy Communities Coalition in Kansas City, who applauds the shift to smoke-free Life used to be a whole lot easier for the smoking traveler. Puffing on the plane wasn’t a problem. Ashtrays were a mainstay in the eateries and bars of destination cities. Some public transportation still afforded the luxury of lighting up. And none of the major hotel chains had started kicking out butts.

In the last 20 years, though, travel has become more and more smoke-free. And for the smoking traveler, it’s really a drag.

“On a long flight, my favorite thing used to be drinking coffee, having a cigarette and watching the sun come up,” said Virginia Dolan, a frequent traveler from Kansas City. “It’s not the same without that cigarette.”

The lodging industry has sparked the latest trend in smoke-free travel, starting with Starwood’s Westin hotels — including the one at Crown Center — early this year. Marriott was next on board, announcing last month that all 10 of its North American brands would become smoke-free starting in September.

Not everyone is disappointed with the trend.

“People are really pleased to hear about it,” said Kathy Sudeikis, president of the American Society of Travel Agents and a vice president at All About Travel in Mission. “The disappointment is that it’s only in North America.”

Sudeikis said local travelers complain to her frequently about stale, smoky odors lingering in the drapes and linens of their nonsmoking hotel rooms. Such guest gripes helped influence Marriott’s decision, along with a shift in customer preference toward nonsmoking accommodations.

The chain also considered the U.S. Surgeon General’s June report that there is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke.

Other major hotel chains continue to offer smoking choices that match their booking patterns.

Starwood has not gone smoke-free in any of its other hotels, which include Sheraton and St. Regis.

Best Western International designates 70 percent of its rooms as nonsmoking. Hilton Family of Hotels, which includes Doubletree and Embassy Suites, allocates 85 percent to 95 percent to nonsmoking rooms.

Intercontinental Hotels Group, including Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza, requires at least 75 percent of its rooms be nonsmoking.

More destination locations are slapping up “no smoking” signs in their restaurants and bars. New York, California, Florida, Colorado, Maine and New Jersey are among them.

Donald Potts, with the Metropolitan Healthy Communities Coalition in Kansas City, applauds the shift to smoke-free in these states.

“Having a nonsmoking section in a restaurant is like having a non-peeing section in a swimming pool,” Potts said. “The smoke and carcinogens do not stay with the smoker.”

While airlines began banning smoking in the ’80s, airports have joined the ranks more recently. John F. Kennedy International in New York, Dallas/Fort Worth International and Los Angeles International are among dozens of completely smoke-free airports in the country.

Kansas City International has been smoke-free for 10 years, said spokesman Joe McBride, but within the last year, a new ordinance imposed a stricter limit. Smokers must stick to designated areas at least 30 feet from any door.

“It’s not pleasant to travel today with these limits,” Dolan said. “It’s inconvenient and nerve-racking.”

Sudeikis credits the smoke-free travel trend to a reflection of the demand.

American smokers represent about 21 percent of the population. According to the American Lung Association, the number of smokers dropped 40 percent from 1965 to 1990 and hasn’t changed much since.

“Americans want smoke-free in their traveling because that’s what they get at home,” Sudeikis said. “For nonsmokers, it’s more jarring to be in a smoky atmosphere when you’re not used to having that at home.”

Not all industry enterprises to go smoke-free have been a success, though.

In 1998, Carnival Cruise Lines created the world’s first nonsmoking cruise ship, Paradise. Poor revenues, however, caused Carnival to redeploy Paradise as a smoking ship in 2004.

“If there was a big demand for smoke-free, that cruise ship would have been a bigger business venture,” said David Kuneman of St. Louis, director of research for Smoker’s Club Inc., an online community.

But since Westin made the switch to smoke-free, Westin spokeswoman Kate Rothen said, Starwood earnings have climbed and bookings are up.


Smoking cessation while you’re on vacation?

With fewer hotels and attractions catering to smokers, vacation might be a good time to kick the habit.

“I think vacation is a great time to quit smoking,” said Carol Henderson of New Day Hypnotherapy in Overland Park. “Being in a different environment, a lot of times it’s easier.”

Henderson says smokers struggle most with giving up everyday routines. Removed from the daily grind, a smoker might be more diverted from nicotine cravings and find it easier to quit.

But Al Gatrost of the New Day Stop Smoking Clinic in Independence said it’s not always simple.

“If a person’s trigger is getting in the car and having a cigarette, then that’s going to be a problem for someone going on a drive,” Gatrost said. “But if the mind is occupied with new sights, that will help distract you from typical activity.”

The stress of traveling might trigger your smoke alarm, too, Henderson says.

She recommends relaxation tricks to her clients to combat that anxiety sans cigarettes, including breathing exercises and positive self-talk.

Gatrost advises frazzled travelers to use aromatic supplements that will reduce cravings. Both he and Henderson offer services that can be used in conjunction with vacation plans.

Gatrost added that quitting smoking will pay off.

“If someone wants to stop smoking now and invest the money they would have spent on cigarettes, they would have quite a savings account 10 years down the road,” Gatrost said. “Money they can use to buy a vacation with.”

What if they build it and nobody comes?

Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle

The mood was festive. The music lively. The videos and power-point presentations brimming with superlatives. The theme: "Simply the best.''
We had been summoned to the Hilton Americas Hotel to celebrate the development of the Port of Houston's Bayport cruise terminal, due for completion in late summer or early fall of 2007.

Consuls general from Pakistan, Jordan, Honduras and other nations were there. Ditto elected officials from throughout the Houston area. Some of our community's premier travel agents looked on. The chairman of the International Council of Cruise Lines presided.

"Are you excited yet?'' Wade Battles, the port's managing director, revved up the audience, which responded with loud applause.

Only one ingredient was noticeable missing from this gumbo of good vibes:

There was no mention of a ship.

When I asked Battles about commitments once the new terminal opens, he reiterated what he told me six months ago: Discussions are ongoing with several cruise lines. He's optimistic. Nothing is firm.

NCL moving out?

Here's what I know: Norwegian Cruise Line, which operates the one passenger ship based seasonally at the port's Barbours Court facility, will return its Norwegian Dream to Houston this winter. But next summer the Dream will sail in Europe; the following winter, it will be based in South America.

Like NCL, most other cruise lines have announced fleet deployments for next summer and fall and into 2008. Houston isn't included on any calendar.

Could the port christen a multimillion dollar cruise terminal without a ship? Battles seemed to bristle at my concerns.

"Not every line has finalized their plans,'' he said.

So did he still have hope of attracting new business for the terminal's opening?

"I would use a stronger word than hope,'' Battles responded.

What word would that be?

"I'd say that negotiations are ongoing with a lot of cruise lines. We think there is a real opportunity."

Impressive facility

Do you sense a conversation going in circles? Maybe the port is relying on the "If we build it, they will come'' approach. Or maybe Battles is being coy. Based on the images I've seen, this will be a traveler-friendly facility with considerable appeal. Features will include close-in parking, covered walkways, a VIP lounge and - Battles promises - quick embarkation and debarkation.

"Our terminal will be unique,'' Battles vowed at the Hilton Americas gathering. "We're going to bring people closer to the ship. We want to ensure that the first and last impression cruise passengers have is a positive one.

"The Port of Houston is poised to enter a new chapter in cruising,'' Battles said.

There is justification for a significant investment. Cruising from Texas generated a $934 million economic impact last year, according to the cruise lines council. More than 650,000 Texans took a cruise (counting departures from Texas and elsewhere).

But the vast majority of that business was at the Port of Galveston. Three vessels sail year-round from the island, and the Galveston fleet will number five ships this winter with a combined capacity of almost 12,000 passenger berths. (The Norwegian Dream, the smallest cruise ship based in Texas, holds 1,732 passengers.)

Galveston losses, gains

Galveston, too, is a port in transition. Celebrity Cruises' Galaxy, a fixture for two winters, is not returning. Princess Cruises' Grand Princess will sail from the island again this winter but not in 2007-2008, though port director Steve Cernak expects only a one-year absence.

More positive is the confirmed arrival for the 2007-2008 winter season of Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas, which will join the Carnival Conquest in giving Galveston two ships capable of carrying 3,000 or more passengers - a Texas first.

"We're strengthening our position, and we're going to continue to grow,'' Cernak said at another recent ICCL-sponsored gathering aboard Carnival Cruise Lines' Galveston-based Ecstasy.

As he spoke, there was no music. No applause. But there was a ship.


Monday, June 12, 2006

Promoters lure cruise dollars

Promoters lure cruise dollarsTwo South Florida companies have taken over job of steering passengers to port shops.

By SI LIBERMAN, Special To The Daily News
Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fanciful Disney images grace the cruise ship Disney Magic. Disney and other cruise lines use services of Onboard Media to offer shopping advice for passengers.
It used to be routine. Before arriving at a Caribbean island, in a scheduled lecture, the cruise director would recommend places to shop, dine, buy souvenirs or maybe even suggest a tour. For his referrals, an especially enterprising cruise director could expect to be rewarded monetarily, with merchandise or a free meal by the merchants.

Not anymore.

A couple of South Florida promotion companies, one of which is headed by a former Carnival cruise director, now handle the shopping lectures on most major cruise lines. Via live presentations, in-cabin TV and printed ads, they heavily promote merchant clients. And it's apparently a win-win situation for the cruise lines, promotion companies, merchants and perhaps even for some passengers.

The competing promotion companies — Panoff Publishing of Fort Lauderdale, headed by ex-cruise director Bill Panoff, and Onboard Media from Miami Beach — pay cruise lines for providing a cabin and lecture platform for employees and for onboard print and TV advertising privileges. The promotion companies are paid a flat fee and may get a percentage of sales from some of their clients, and passengers are assured of a conditional 30-day guarantee for repair or replacement of any unsatisfactory items.

Panoff Publishing, known as PPI Group, operates shopping guide and/or customized programs on Carnival, Holland America, P&O Cruises, Costa Cruises, Sea Dream Yacht Club, Windstar and Regent Seven Seas (formerly Radisson) cruise lines. Onboard runs comparable programs on Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Crystal and Disney lines.

Norwegian Cruise Line, according to spokeswoman Susan Robison, uses its own personnel to promote and advertise portside shops, and charges merchants a fee, plus added fees tied to sales.

For the most part, the operations and merchandise guarantees are similar.

If there's a fly in the ointment, it's that passengers usually are not informed by shopping guide lecturers that they're paid to plug products and merchants. Captive audiences often are left with the impression that the speaker is a crew member and the merchants mentioned have been carefully scrutinized.

But if travelers read the fine print guarantee box behind the sads, they learn that participating merchants have paid an advertising fee and that the promotion companies — not the merchants — handle customer claims and complaints.

"Shop with confidence, knowing that all merchandise . . . have been carefully selected and each offers a 30-day guarantee to cruise line passengers," reads one Onboard Media guarantee box. "This guarantee ensures buyers that all recommended merchants will repair or replace any unsatisfactory item, excluding buyer's negligence or buyer's remorse. . . . Please inquire about individual store policies before finalizing any purchase."

Onboard Media authorities declined to answer questions about its operations. "Onboard Media does not wish to participate in this story," was the e-mailed response from executive assistant Cassie Barasch.

The company, founded in 1989, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the $17 billion a year Louis Vuitton, Moet Hennessy Co. French conglomerate.

Bill Panoff, 48, founded PPI Group in 1986 after eight years as a Carnival cruise director. Ten years later, he launched Porthole Cruise Magazine, serving as its publisher and editor-in-chief. It's a slick bimonthly publication, spotlighting exotic destinations and reviews of new cruise ships.

Speaking for Panoff, who was said to be traveling, Mitchell Pizik, PPI's vice president in charge of sales and marketing, explained, "We're a privately owned company with over 350 merchant clients around the world. We also produce in-cabin publications for cruise ships and magazine-type publications for other companies like Spirit Airlines, Fisher Island and KSL Resorts, among others.

"We get calls daily from passengers," PIzik said. "I wouldn't say they're all complaints. Maybe half pertain to the 30-day merchandise guarantee. Could be that it's just a question or that a stone fell out of a piece of jewelry and needs to be replaced. In the latter case, we'll act as the liaison between the passenger and merchant in arranging for a stone to be reinstalled. When you consider cruise ships carry millions of passengers, who are buying things, hearing from some daily isn't unusual.

"With regards to charges, cabins, etc., each of our cruise line contracts varies, depending on what was negotiated and all information in the contracts is confidential."

Shopping lecturers usually are recent college graduates with a gift for gab and yen for travel. Onboard trolls for candidates on the Internet, listing a detailed description of the job and its requirements.

"The primary function of a PSG (port shopping guide) onboard each ship," it notes, "is to promote shoreside duty-free stores contracted by Onboard Media. The promotion involves various presentations, including live and videotaped port and shopping talks. Most of the products promoted are luxury goods: gemstones, fine jewelry, Swiss watches, crystal, electronics, etc. During the port calls, the PSG meets with representatives from the contracted stores to monitor the effectiveness of their promotion and discuss strategies for future promotions."

Two major chains, Diamonds International and Columbian Emeralds International, have long held promotion and advertising contracts with PPI and Onboard. Diamonds International, a privately owned, New York-based company, operates 120 stores on Caribbean islands, in Alaska and Mexico, and Columbia Emeralds, a United Kingdom-based chain, has 60 outlets on 14 islands.

"They do a good job for us," said Dave Nanni, Diamonds International sales manager. "Besides their promotions, they act as a go-between, helping passengers with exchanges and refunds."
The Better Business Bureau for Southeast Florida and the Caribbean has had three complaints against Onboard Media and two against PPI, according to Al Polizzi, bureau spokesman. They involved guarantee and merchandise repair issues.

Both PPI complaints have been resolved, he said, as have two of Onboard Media's. As of mid-May, however, one Onboard Media complaint remained unsettled, Polizzi added.

Bottom line: Read and make sure you fully understand the 30-day merchandise guarantee. It does not provide for a refund if you have second thoughts about the item you bought. Most importantly, check with the store manager to learn the shop's return and refund policies before that purchase.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Welcome to The www.CarnivalCares.com website

Welcome to the wonderful Carnival Cares website.

This is the second try that we have made to publish a forum where all people who deal with Carnival Crusise Lines have a place on the web to vent and compare war stories.

I am a former passenger who was completely screwed by Carnival and the biggest motivation for me in my quest for justice is that Carnival uses all sorts of intimidating tactics in order for anyone who speaks out against the company to be silenced.

Your moderator group is a group of former Carnival Employees, Staff Members on the ships now, and the passengers who are having issues with the company.

We wish you the best of Luck. and Enjoy the Site.

Your Moderator
Robert Paisola

THIS IS NOT A PRIVATE FORUM, executives of Carnival Read this, When submitting your articles, please be detailed..

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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Gas Guzzlers

Think high gas prices make filling up your SUV painful? Try pulling up to the pump in the 101,000-ton Carnival Destiny.

The soaring cost of oil has already hit motorists and airlines hard. Now it has cruise lines redrawing routes and changing schedules. Carnival Cruise Lines says its Destiny ship won't be stopping at Aruba, which requires a fuel-guzzling trip far south. Royal Caribbean is making travelers show up for earlier departures on some of its cruises so ships can sail at a slower, more fuel-efficient speed. And at Regent Seven Seas, they're tacking on a daily fuel surcharge starting at $5 a person (that's $12 on Tahiti trips).

With cruise-ship fuel costs up about 30% over the past year, industry experts say other operators might follow suit. "They're looking at everything more closely," says Tim Conder, leisure analyst at A.G. Edwards.

Carnival's announcement doesn't come as much of a surprise. Rising fuel prices helped contribute to a 19% decline in its fiscal first-quarter profit. The new itineraries, says Carnival spokesman Vance Gulliksen, are also an attempt to "freshen the product."

From January, Carnival will nix Aruba from the Destiny itinerary. The island off the coast of Venezuela will be replaced with stops at St. Lucia and Antigua -- making the cruise about 470 miles shorter. Carnival says it also has itinerary changes set for its Legend liner, scrubbing Barbados and Martinique for two islands that are closer together.

But Steve Gelfuso, owner of Cruise Brothers, a travel agency in Cranston, R.I., says his clients couldn't care less about where they stop. "The real cruise people just go for the ship. It's never as nice on one of those islands."

Carnival Makes $6 Million Settlement With Workers

(CBS4/AP) MIAMI Miami-based Carnival Cruise Lines will pay over $6 Million to thousands of crew members who alleged they were not paid overtime.If approved by a federal judge, the settlement would mean payouts of between 100 and 150 dollars for nine named lawsuit plaintiffs and other amounts for as many as 39,500 people who worked on Carnival ships beginning in November 2001.The lawyer representing the crew members says the cruise line won't admit wrongdoing under the settlement but will establish a grievance and arbitration process for pay disputes.Carnival, the world's largest cruise line, could not be reached for comment.Workers said the cruise line failed to pay them for work in excess of their regular schedules, which are often 70-hour work weeks. Carnival and other cruise lines typically don't follow U-S wage and labor laws because their ships carry foreign flags.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Carnival settles OT suit

Cruise line agrees to pay $6.25 million

Carnival Cruise Lines will pay $6.25 million to thousands of current and former crew members who alleged in federal lawsuits they were not paid proper amounts of overtime, the workers' attorney said.

If approved by U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke, the settlement would mean payouts of between $100 and $150 for nine named lawsuit plaintiffs and other amounts for as many as 39,500 people who worked on Carnival ships beginning in November 2001.

Carnival currently operates three ships from Port Canaveral -- the Fantasy, the Glory and the Sensation, which began service here last month.

During the port's last fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, the Fantasy and the Glory carried a total of 404,656 passengers from Port Canaveral.

Julio Ayala, an attorney with Miami-based Crew Member Advocacy Center, which represented the crew members, said the settlement includes the ships based at Port Canaveral.
He said all crew members will be notified of the settlement. Those who no longer are working for Carnival will be notified at their last known address.

"They're very hardworking people who come from all over the world," said Tucker Ronzetti, another attorney representing the crew members. "From their perspective, it's a significant amount of money."

The Miami-based cruise line will not admit wrongdoing under the settlement, but will establish a grievance and arbitration process for pay disputes, Ronzetti said.

Officials at Carnival, the world's largest cruise line and a subsidiary of Carnival Corp., declined comment Wednesday because the case still is pending.

The lawsuits were filed in March and October by Carnival workers, who said the cruise line failed to pay them for work in excess of their regular schedules, which are often 70-hour workweeks.

Carnival and other cruise lines typically don't follow U.S. wage and labor laws because their ships carry foreign flags.

One of the lawsuits was initially dismissed, but the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals was considering whether it could continue when the settlement was reached.

The second lawsuit was on hold pending the outcome of that appeal.

A similar lawsuit is pending in federal court in Miami against Princess Cruises, a California-based subsidiary of Carnival.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. settled an overtime pay dispute in 2002 in New York.