Saturday, June 03, 2006

Welcome to The website

Welcome to the wonderful Carnival Cares website.

This is the second try that we have made to publish a forum where all people who deal with Carnival Crusise Lines have a place on the web to vent and compare war stories.

I am a former passenger who was completely screwed by Carnival and the biggest motivation for me in my quest for justice is that Carnival uses all sorts of intimidating tactics in order for anyone who speaks out against the company to be silenced.

Your moderator group is a group of former Carnival Employees, Staff Members on the ships now, and the passengers who are having issues with the company.

We wish you the best of Luck. and Enjoy the Site.

Your Moderator
Robert Paisola

THIS IS NOT A PRIVATE FORUM, executives of Carnival Read this, When submitting your articles, please be detailed..