Tuesday, April 03, 2007

cruise we have chartered in October with Bob Proctor and THE SECRET

I have some exciting updates for you in regards to the cruise we have chartered in October.

If you are already booked, I look forward to meeting you there. This is going to be one incredible week! However, if you have not yet reserved a spot, let me tell you about some of the great speakers and programs we have lined up for this one-of-a-kind event.

I think one of the greatest parts to this trip will be the power of choice that we give you. During the 7 days we are on board there will be 3 ports-of-call. You will be able to get off the ship and explore some of Mexico's beauty along with taking part in some exciting shore excursions. We will be at sea for 4 days for the week. During that time we will be holding seminars and panel discussions on a variety of topics from "The Law of Attraction" to business building, publishing your own book and public speaking. There will also be mastermind meetings taking place, all designed to help take your business to another level.

I have been asked several times if there is anything happening on the ship for children. Well, we are designing a program for children and teens to introduce them to some of the great material that Bob Proctor has been teaching for years. What a great opportunity to expose them to some wonderful lessons in an environment of positive people!

We have two great speakers from The Secret - Bob Proctor and Michael Beckwith. They will be on board teaching us how to use "The Law of Attraction" to create a better life. Mary Morrissey will be on board to do a program with Bob Proctor that will be introduced for the first time on the ship.

We have also confirmed Doug Wead. He was a senior advisor for a past president of the United States. This man talks about the power of working together in a presentation unlike anything I have seen before.

Steve Siebold has also agreed to take part in the cruise. He is probably the greatest teacher alive on mastering public speaking.

I had the privilege of seeing Paul Martinelli for the first time last month. He is a business partner of my fathers and well worth taking the time to see. He will be hosting several sessions on building your own business, along with some panels of experts that will bring a whole new twist to learning.

There will be a schedule of all the programs taking place so you can pick and choose which sessions to attend. Each program will be held at a few different times. If you are involved with one meeting at the same time that another of your choices is taking place, you will be able to see the second event at another scheduled time.

As Bob Proctor's son, I am fortunate to have been surrounded by this kind of great knowledge all my life. I have seen week-long events that don't even come close to what we are offering here for many thousands of dollars. You will be able to take a wonderful all-inclusive 7-day cruise and take part in any and/or all of the spectacular events for less than any other program of its kind. Simply go to the site and book your spot with the delegate package. You will not see this anywhere else! Because we have chartered the whole ship, everyone on board are positive like-minded individuals, just like you! Imagine all the new friends and connections that are to be made in this relaxed and exciting atmosphere.

We have partnered with a wonderful company called Cantrav Travel. You can book online by going to: www.bobproctorcruise.com or call toll free at 1-877-708-2546. You may need to leave a message but, let me assure you, one of their agents will call you back in a timely manner and answer any questions that you may have.

If you would like to take part in this great adventure, please book right away. This once in a lifetime chance is selling out quickly!! I look forward to seeing you there.


Brian Proctor
Director of Insight of the Day

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