Monday, January 22, 2007

Another Wonderful Day in Paradise!

Welcome Again from The Carnival Corporations "Carnival Triumph" Live From CarnivalCares.Com and

Hello Again to all of our friends, listeners, students and associates around the World!

We want to let you know that this site has received over 100,000 Hits since we began our LIVE Broadcast from the Carnival Triumph.

As many of you know, this site was the result of some experiences that a large group of us had with Carnival while in Alaska, but now it appears that Mickey has turned the ship around and has made the decision to give, you, our readers, what they deserve! Good old fashioned Customer Service!

When we first arrived on the ship, we noticed that there were many upgrades to the ship since we last sailed on her during the first public season. The ship looks just as she was the day that she was last seen by our group!

One thing that we did not want to do was to inform Carnival that we would be on the ship, as we are doing a formal review for The Conde Nast Group; The Publisher of the Conde Nast Traveler and in association with and in Palo Alto, California, we are Podcasting Live Feeds from the ship.

Google has captured our live feed and is now preparing some of the tapes to go live.

One of the biggest things that we see, is that the Employees of the Ship are HAPPY! They are showing the best of the best in their hiring and we send our thanks to the Crew at Carnival Central for understanding that Passenger Communication is all that it takes to change a right to a wrong.

Today We spent the entire day in Cozumel Mexico and We were able to see the city in all of its glory.

We are grateful to the manager of the Internet Cafe, Mr. Lloyd Mason, for his support in ironing out some of the details that we needed assistance with. He is a great guy and Carnival and The Digital Seas Companies should be glad that he is on board!

So, from Cozumel, we say goodnight, and stay tuned for our SKYPE BROADCAST that will give YOU the ability to call in from around the world and ask any questions that you have regarding Carnival and the Carnival Triumph.

Again, Great Job Carnival, your change is now being noticed on a WORLDWIDE BASIS!

Until Tomorrow,

Robert Paisola


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