Sunday, January 28, 2007

Photo and Video Archive Links Live!

If you are looking for the Photo and Video Links for the 2007 LDS Singles Carnival Cruise, Look no further!

Have a Great Time!

Robert Paisola


Anonymous said...

Hi--I went on the LDS singles tour on January 20-27 on the Carnival Triumph. A lot of my pictures didn't turn out too great. Does anyone have photos they can post on this website? Thanks--it was a blast!!

Anonymous said...

Hi I went on the LDS singles tour on the Carnival Triumph on January 20. It was a blast!! Unfortunately, I lost 2 rolls of film. Could people please post their pictures so I can have some? thanks!!

Robert Paisola, CEO CarnivalCares.Com said...

Hello Everyone,

This is Rob Paisola, your moderator. If anyone has any large group photos or photos that contain more than 2 people that went on the cruise, please post thm. We have had a lot of people wanting more photos! So load up the digital pictures and we will post them. If you have any questions, please email me at