Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Good Evening from the Caribbean

Good Evening from the Caribbean Sea. Today was another day of fun and relaxation. Carnival calls this the “Day at Sea”. We experienced calm waters, 80 degree temperatures and a wide variety of activities for all ages.

At 1:00 PM this afternoon we began our live broadcast on the Network. We had over 1,000 listeners log into the broadcast and during the broadcast we featured the onboard Calypso Band, “Carib’n X-tacy”

The members of the band are Ronnie from St. Thomas, Johnny from The Dominican Republic, Remie, also from The Dominican Republic and Sawanza, from the island of St. Vincent.

Ater the Live Broadcast we interviewed Ronnie, who told us that they are having a great time and that they are on Contract with Carnival just like the all of the staff. This world renowned band surely is top notch and Carnival Is Really Lucky to have this band on ship.

Our SkypeCast located at was attended by over 1,000 people and since we were connected via a live satellite linkup with our offices in Los Angeles, the 1 hour feed was perfect!

The Dinner was a sit down affair for our group and being able to order 3 plates of ribs WITH NO BONES is an experience that everyone deserves to have.

We are being told that the links to watch the live video are coming along and we will keep you informed!

Can 400 Mormon Singles REALLY make the alcohol revenue decrease by over 40% ?

This is a serious question that we have had since we boarded the Carnival Triumph. Because when we brought 400 of our great friends on board from Utah, we never thought of the financial consequences that would have on the overall voyage revenue.

We will attempt to interview the Food and Beverage Director for the actual confirmation, but during interviews with staff at the clubs and bars, the overwhelming feeling was that orders were down. Some stated that they were less that 50% of one week ago.

We ran the numbers and figured that our group represents only 12percent of the actual passengers on the ship, How is it possible for only 12 percent of the guests to effect the other 88 percent in such a serious way!

Well, the answer is simple, The Mormon Culture is one the really brings out the kid in each of its members. And how I learned about my own distinct personal power was from . You see, we all have the power within each of us to make a difference in the world. This is what I teach in my seminars at and that is one of the reasons why we will be releasing my newest book that was co-authored with Dr. John Gray and Mr. Tom Hopkins, two of the worlds greatest motivational speakers. You can visit to see the cover. It is AMAZING!

So, from the middle of the ocean, we say goodnight and to Carnival Central in Hollywood, Florida…. keep doing what you are doing!

Again, Great Job Carnival, and to our 100,000 readers a day from my Corporate Site and we welcome you to !

Until Later,

Robert Paisola, Cabin 7276


Aboard the Carnival Triumph

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