Sunday, January 21, 2007

Has The Carnival Corporation made a TRIUMPHANT Comeback?

Day two on the Carnival Triumph has been an incredible experience. The Staff, lead by Cruise Director, Paul Stanley, has been completely attentive and efficient. The Ship, lead by the outdoor cafĂ©’s is clean and without the clutter and despair that we have seen in the past.

The deck of the pool is clean, and was completely full of Passengers who were really having a great time. That is a severe contrast to the Carnival Spirit that we last visited that had glass on the deck and gray boxes of empty dishes all over the place.

Our biggest surprise was that we decided to sleep in today until Noon. We notified our cabin steward, Juan Santos from the Dominican Republic (He is absolutely amazing, and you will be reading more about him later!), that we would not be needing the morning service, and we were glad to hear that all that it took was a simple call to Eva in housekeeping to literally instantly have three people servicing our room.

Now, remember, The Carnival Corporation has no idea who we are! Great job Mickey!

We want to also be sure to let our readers and listeners know that we brought along 400 of our closest friends on this cruise from the top Mormon Singles Website, . It is so obvious that we are all here, because the “clean cut” Utah look is everywhere!

For some reason, we have begun to really LOVE the calypso band called “Caribbean Ecstasy” that plays on the ninth deck of the ship. Watch for the Live Video Links!

The food and beverage director will definitely notice that the sales of alcohol on this voyage are way down because of the LDS policy of No Drinking. Hey, did I tell you how great the Strawberry Daiquiris are? LOL

Tonight is the first of the two major shows that we will see. It is a formal night, so there will be plenty of photos to post tomorrow.

Today was a day of relaxation and the videos are being posted, but here are some of the photos!

Again, Great Job Carnival, and to our 100,000 readers a day from my Corporate Site and we welcome you to !

Until Later,

Robert Paisola, Cabin 7276


Reporting Live Aboard the Carnival Triumph, January 21, 2007

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